• Snorer Mode

    Snorer Mode

    Advanced dash board showing all parameters of your snoring. From occurrences and their time, to noise level and inspiration/expiration duration

    The snorer mode includes a detailed dashboard with all night snoring parameters of you interest.
  • Snore detection

    Snore detection FREE

    Every noise inspiration that could disturb you or your partner. Watch snoring events in a eight hours graph or minute by minute

  • Snore cycles

    Snore cycles: episodes

    Snoring episodes since you start snoring until you stop. A two minutes silence starts a new cycle. Know the total time you are snoring since you start until you stop.

  • Snoring loudness

    Snoring loudness

    Every noise inspiration that could disturb you or your partner. Watch snoring events in a eight hours graph or minute by minute

    track the loudness of your snoring watch it in graphs all night
  • Snore breath inspiration expiration duration

    Snore breath length

    Inspiration - expiration is the time between two consequtives snores. Track your breathing speed over the whole night.

    snore breathing inspiration expiration length
  • Snore warnings on your phone

    Adjust how you want to be warned

    Adjust how you want to be warned. Set up the time, the sound or vibration. Watch results on the day after and readjust your settings for optimal results

    warnings that you can set up to track your snoring
  • Warnins on your wearable

    Warnings on your Wearable

    Personalise when, how and how often you want to be warned. Receive warnings on your wrist. Readjust your warning strategy bases on your warning experience.

    snoring warnings on wearables
  • Want to disturb less?

    For snorers who want to disturb less

    Find out when snoring is annoying and personalise the App to warn you and make you stop.

  • Do you want to snore less?

    For snorers who want to snore less

    Find out when snoring is annoying and personalise the App to warn you and make you stop.

  • Want to track your snoring?

    Do you want to track your snoring

    For those who want to track their sleep using a true measure. If you are snoring find your sleep phases by watching the speed of your snore. Snore Partner is for those who want to track their snoring and also for those who want to do something about it.

    Track your sleep quality thanks to your snoring. The partner mode let you find out the exact times when snoring is annoying you
  • Personalise settings

    Personalise the App to your needs

    Find out when snoring is annoying and personalise the App to warn you and make you stop.

  • Share your graphs

    Share your results.

    Find out when snoring is annoying and personalise the App to warn you and make you stop.

Detect possible breath sleep illnesses related to breathing. Snore Partner helps you reduce annoying snoring.

Snore Partner, for Snorers and Partners

You have reached an App with multiple functions and ways to track your snoring. You can easyly monitor your snoring, your noise, the time between snores and all at every minute at night. Enable all features for FREE to try them and convince yourself.

warnings that you can set up to track your performace

Do you want to snore less?

Either if you want to snore less for personal reasons, for healthy reasons or to disturb less your partner. Using the built in snoring warnings now you can track how much you were snoring and how well the snoring warning that you set up worked for you. Adjust the number of warnings and when they shall happen. See the snore number and when you snore in graphics on the day after.

Do you or your partner snore?

With snoring warnings on wearables you can let your smart watch vibrate to warn you. Using the settings of the App adjust the way you want to be warned and check on the day after how well it worked for you. Check the number of snores, the number of warnings, whethter you continued snoring and how well you felt on the day after. Use this information to adjust the warning settings and keep reducing your snoring.

Snore Analytics helps you reduce snoring
snoring detailed dashboard with noise and inspiration expiration length

Detailed Snoring Dashboard

Know the number of snores, their noise level, inspiration/expiration rate (speed of your breath) and snoring cycles. See in graphs when you snore at night and how this affects you or your partner. Extract conclusions about your sleep quality and relate it to your snoring. Try personal strategies to improve it and measure it night after night with the Snore Partner App.

An alternative is Snore Analytics an App that helps you diagnose and treat snoring

Specific dashboard to measure your snoring breath

Do you wake up because of your snoring? Do you wake up because of the noise or maybe bacause how you are breathing? Track using this snoring dashboard how many snores fall within 10 seconds and how many are longer. Using the graphs see when at night they took place and wether you stoped afterwards (maybe because you were awoken by a snore). Extract conclusions to know your sleep and plan ways to improve it

inspiration expiration length time between two snores dash board
snore detection free

FREE snore detection

See in graphics when do you snore over night. One eight hours graphic summarizes it. Watch how your snoring speed increases when you change sleeping phases.

This App is for snorers and for non snorers. Snore Partner is a snore tracker with warnings that if you want, you can configure to your personal needs. Snore Analytics is an App to analyse your snoring and find ways to reduce it

Snores minute by minute

Find out when it is annoying to you or your partner and personalise the App to warn you and make you stop in your prefferred way

Your snoring over the whole night, minute after minute

Snoring overview for the whole night

You will be surprised about your snoring and the frequency of your snoring. The App tells you about it and also about the noise level of those snorings. See it in a one eight hours graphs or detailed minute by minute. Extract conclusions. See when you stop suddently and guess why it was. Speak to a health professional in case of doubts. This App is not a medical device.

information on all screens to help you use the app

Easy and friendly App full of details and information

It offers and easy mode and an advanced mode. Still the user experience is enhanced with many details to inform the user. Either if the enhancements are enabled, subscribed, being cancelled, purhcased or not, the App counts with an extremely friendly user interface to let you focus on your sleep and snoring.

Easy to use snore app full of details

For all types of users. For those who want more and those who want less. Full of explanations and graphic details to let you make the most of snore partner app.

app for snore trackers for healthy individuals and to improve your sleep
settings to adjust when to warn you of your snoring

App personalisation

Adapt the App to your personal needs. Adjust settings to fit your sleep. Readjust the App on the day after after seeing results. Use sounds or vibration. Record your own warnings. Let the App work for you to help you reduce your snoring for health or personal reasons. Adjust the warning start time and the number of times that you want to be warned. Set up a time frame. Combine it with other subscriptions to create a truly unique warning experience for you and your partner.

Many settings to make it a truly personal App

Track your snore, your sleep, your awakenings at night and your warnings. Adjust the App to warn you to avoid snoring either for personal or health reasons or maybe because you want to disturb less your partner. Make sure to enable all features for FREE.

adjust the maximum snoring sound level acceptable for your partner
classify your snores by their sound level

Are all my snores annoying?

Know when you snore louder. Check if those snores disturb your partner. Know how many are they and whether they happen all night long. Extract conclusions and plan ways to reduce them. Use the App to know about your snoring and check day after day how your "snoring-performance" was affected by changing habits or using the warning setting of the App to make you aware of it

Your snoring is not a problem the whole night

There are times when your snoring can annoy your partner, but others when you can snore freely. Also from a snore tracker point of view now you can know they quality and type of your snoring and how do you behave at night while you are sleeping

snoring-loudnes overview know when your snoring is annoying your partner